9 Different Types of Car Drivers, Which One Are You?

When you own a car for a really long time, you probably spend most of your time on roads, whether to travel, go to work, or just to pick someone, and in any case, you’ll develop a personality that differs from your daily one. A one that only pops up when you get yourself behind the steering wheel. 

Not to mention that car owners do not only care about their technical experience in a car, but they also experience different feelings and emotions when riding different car brands and types.

So away from the web quizzes and tests that claim they’ll determine what kind of car owner/driver you are, read this article to decide which one of these personalities is you or close to your behavior.

The gearheads

Those are the real car enthusiasts, ask them any question regarding any part of the car, its history, features, etc, and they will be willing to answer your question in detail and gladly, without even googling it. They have memorized all this information in their “gear head’. 

The professionals

It’s the kind of driver that everyone loves to ride the car with, constantly trying to make sure that all passengers are comfortable and enjoying the ride.

They are professional drivers when it comes to hitting the road, no one can compete with their driving skills, they know exactly how to control the car in any situation, whether the road is empty or full of cars, they can manage to get their car out of the traffic.

Unfortunately, these drivers might take advantage of an empty road along with their high driving skills to drive faster than the legal speed, which can be risky.

The parent

They are the mature ones, they just aim to take their kids safely and fast to kindergarten or school, they have a sense of responsibility and practicality.

They always drive cautious and vigilant and keep a distance between their car and the other cars while watching for hazards.

The ones that never leave the house

They never actually drive, they just enjoy seeing their car shining in the parking lot, they barely take the car out of the garage, whether because they are really afraid that it’ll break or be depreciable which will decrease the value of your car, or because they abhor the idea of driving.

They can’t bear being on roads, they are road-haters, and usually, this kind of driver knows nothing about cars.

The “fast and furious”

Considering themselves the best drivers ever existed, they have this mentality that no one on the road knows how to drive like them, and that explains their sudden swervings and abnormal behavior that is full of anger and irritability.

They are always in a hurry and will LITERALLY do anything in order not to get stuck in the traffic pile-up, so you hear them swearing, cursing, and attacking other drivers on the road.

The performers

The ones that are always fun to go on a ride with, they’ll do their best to make the car sound like a party with four wheels!

You’ll never be bored with them because they always make sure to play good music, and sing loudly with songs.

The chaotic

Their car is literally a mess, you’ll find a dirty teddy bear under some seat, a water bottle that goes back to 1969, and some mud on the floor mats. When you want to ride with them, they’ll tell you to wait a few minutes so they can clean the seats from the tons of stuff to be able to sit down like a normal person.

This kind of driver certainly needs to have a water bucket, a cleaning gel, and some hard work to clean this mess when you want to sell your car.

The “newsman”

You don’t want to mind yourself watching the news? That’s fine, just tell a newsman to pick you up, and you’ll hear everything from him/her. They know everything about everything.

They will turn on the radio and start explaining and giving opinions on literally any topic.

Upon that, they think that this is the norm and that everyone should be always up to date and informed about what is happening in every spot in the world.

The “GPS”

If you’re riding with this driver, you’ll never get lost. They know all the streets’ names and directions, they are a human GPS, or maybe even better.

When they are stuck in traffic, they can change lanes immediately to get to their destination, and if they are late, they will analyze and find out the shortest and fastest road to arrive as early as they can.

With their geographical knowledge, they know exactly where they are going and how to arrive there, so don’t even tell them any pleas for directions, because you’ll be ignored.

Finally, each type of driver/car owner has advantages and disadvantages, and may not be like one specific personality, but rather a combination of two or three personalities.

The most important thing is to try to drive rationally, take good care of your car, and drive happily!

Author: Sultan Asad

Sultan Asad is the Branding Manager at WeBuyCarsDXB. More than 5000 customers from all over the UAE have chosen We Buy Cars DXB as a trustworthy car selling service that provides a hassle-free way for any person selling their car by taking care of the deal front to end in under 30 minutes.

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