Advantages of Backup Camera Systems

Backup cameras are becoming more popular with modern vehicles and now it’s even possible to find a backup camera system for commercial trucks.

It can be hard to see out of modern vehicles and it can be especially hard to see out of commercial trucks, making a backup camera system important. The most common types of backup cameras are small and have wide-angle cameras mounted under the edge of the cargo hatch handle or truck lid. They are positioned in the trim surrounding the vehicle’s trunk or handle and pointed at a downward angle. A backup camera system for commercial trucks can work in a similar way. There are also backup alarms for many different types of vehicles. You can find single camera backup systems or more sophisticated multi-camera systems to give you a 360-degree view around the vehicle.

Prevent You from Backing Up Over Someone

The biggest safety benefit of backup cameras is to prevent backing over someone. In larger vehicles, such as commercial trucks, there can be huge blind spots. Backup cameras help with this issue. Backup cameras literally save lives. The people most vulnerable to these types of crashes are children but you can also prevent backing up and having an accident involving a pet. The NHTSA requires new vehicles to come standard with backup cameras, but you don’t need to have a new vehicle to appreciate the advantages of a backup camera system.

Hooking Up a Trailer

Backup cameras can make hooking up a trailer safer. Drivers can easily navigate their way to the trailer and avoid accidents if they miss the mark. They can also prevent accidentally hurting the person who is helping them hook up the trailer.

Help with Parallel Parking

Backup cameras can help with parallel parking. Since many states don’t require this for a driver’s license this can be a skill that gives you trouble. Backup cameras can help you avoid damaging the vehicle or hurting other people. Even if you are a pro at parallel parking, it never hurts to have some extra help if the car in front or behind you gets a little too close.

Save You Money

If you can avoid minor scratches and bumps with the help of a backup camera then you have fewer car repairs and insurance claims. With fewer insurance claims, your premiums can be lower. Many insurance companies are also offering discounts for car safety equipment, including backup cameras. Backup cameras may even be able to assist you in an insurance claim if they have the ability to record. This serves as irrefutable evidence that a fender bender isn’t your fault. If someone hits you from behind and leaves the scene, a camera may be able to catch the license plate to help when filing a claim with the police.

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