Agriculture Tyre will impact your yeild

When you are running an agriculture business, you tend to survive on small margins and you will need to ensure that your product is high and that your yield is not negatively impacted. In todays agriculture business, there is a clear trend towards more contracting work, where the machines that are high costs investments are better utilized. Depending on the size of the farm, if the tractor can be used to also perform other tasks outside of the farming business, there is more money to be made.

Since the equipment have gotten bigger and more expensive the utilization rate becomes even more important. The machine needs to be paid of as quickly as possible and that is done by a high utilization of it. When doing a lot of contracting work, there will be a lot of road transportation, so it is important to factor that in when you purchase tires. If you do not select a tire that is good for on road driving, you will wear out your agricultural tires faster than intended. With expensive tires this can be a costly mistake. When you make your tire selection you should assess if you will make contracting work or not and then select the tire that is most suitable for on-road driving.

When you deal with farming, your tires should be of flotation tire type, so that the surface pressure is low. This is due to the fact that lower surface pressure reduces the soil compaction of the top layer of the soil. This will therefore give you a higher yield than if it would have been compacted by heavy tires. It is also important that you have the same type of tires also on your trailers and any other attachment that you will use with the tractor.

For you to make a well informed tire decision it is worth checking the technicaltire manualregarding agricultural tires to see what tires are most suitable for on-road driving between the sites, as well as what tires you should have on your trailers and your other towed equipment. Since the tire selection also impacts your productivity and by electing durable tires that can reduce downtime due to problems that can be associated with the tires. The aim is always to make sure that the tires that you select will give you a long problem free service life, with minimum downtime and other tire related costs. If you also make sure that the rolling resistance is low you will also save money on fuel, which can become a factor if you will need to drive between contracting sites.

If you can combine the high yield with high utilization of your equipment you can ensure that you are running your operations at a high efficiency and high productivity. How much you will earn will then depend a lot on crop selection and the negotiated margin on your contracting work.

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