Clazzio Installation Guide

Clazzio produces the best seat covers as it uses high-quality material. The seat covers come in various materials like Leather, Nappa, PVC, Vinyl, Quilted, and Suede. There are wide colors to choose from. One can also get customized seat covers from Clazzio. The seat covers come with a three-year or one-year warranty depending on the type of material you choose. 

The installation process is simple to follow. It can take up to two hours. This is where Clazzio is better than other brands. The seat covers of other brands take up to 2 to 3 days to complete the entire process. But the same is not the case with Clazzio. As the process is simple, you can remove the seat covers anytime you like and wash them. The kit that Clazzio provides includes seat covers for each seat, headrest, armrest, and center console. 

Installation Guide

Headrest: Begin with removing the old headrest cover, if you have any. Take the Clazzio headrest cover and stretch its mouth as wide as you can so as to loosen it up. Now push the cover on to your headrest. Now you have to remove the headrest. Once it is removed, all you have to do is that you need to fold the material and work the edges. This will ensure it gives you a nice crisp look. Now you will find a ‘J’ hook and an ‘I’ hook. Take the latter and flip it around the J hook. 

Seatback: Begin with removing the factory flip. You will find that under your seat. Push the clip forward to unhook the frame. Slip the Clazzio seat cover over your seat. Lean the seat down and push the front flap between the seat and backrest. Now you need to put the cover through the top holes using your hand or the special equipment provided by Clazzio in its kit. Using the Velcro, hook the front piece. You will find the Velcro on the backside of the cover. Use your fingers to tuck the cover properly. If this is done properly, you will find no folds and creases. 

Armrest: the process is similar to what you have done until now. Slide the cover over the armrest. Tuck it up underneath like what you did with the headrest. You can use the handy tool provided by Clazzio. You do not have to remove the armrest. But for some models, the armrest. 

Center Console: If you have any previously installed cover, remove it. Slip the Clazzio center console cover over the center console. Tuck it in properly. Underneath it, you will find a hook. The center console comes with a string that needs to go around the hook. Depending on the model you are using, the process can vary to a certain extent. 

Bottom cushion: Start by slipping the Clazzio seat cover on the bottom cushion. Get the front corners

wrapped around tightly to ensure no folds and creases. Take the tab towards the end of the cover and

tuck it between the backrest and the bottom portion. Now behind the driver’s seat, pull the seat cover

tab through. Do this by undoing the tab. There are 2 elastic straps below the seat that are to be

disconnected. Now locate the tab of the bottom cushion that you stuffed a while ago. Pull them down

nice and tight. Now the two laces on the cover are to be pushed through each corner and pulled down

from behind. Now tie the laces tightly. Now you will see two straps that are supposed to be put through

the buckle. Tie them too. Voila, you are done with the bottom cushion.

Click here to see a Clazzio representative perform the entire installation process. 

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