Here we present you a step by step guide to hire a limo

The proper use of Richmond Hill Limo rental service often depends on the type of opportunity, the number of people you want, and the distance you will be going. The more details you can provide and the better you prepare, the more value and service you will get with Limo Rental Solutions columbus oh.

Part 1 of 3: Finding Limo Service

Decide when you will rent a limo. Early summer is the peak of the season for limousine hires. You may be able to get a better price if you hire a limo outside of May and June. You are also more likely to get better prices on weekdays. Generally, Sunday to Thursday is the least expensive day, while Friday is about 20% less than Saturday. Most limousine companies have a minimum hourly charge on Friday and day nights. Saturday

Look for a company that offers limo services. Try asking family members, friends, or co-workers if they have ever used the limo service they are comfortable with. Find the company credentials. Seek evidence that the company and its drivers have appropriate licenses and certifications for commercial employment. Check the reviews online. Ask about package offers. Carefully weigh the price and value of the “Special” package. See if tips are included in the quote or separately.

Part 2 of 3: Deciding on a car

Determine the number of people to ride in a limo. Most limousine companies have cars of six, eight, and ten people. They also have bigger options. If you’re going on a date and only two of you, you might want to opt for a limo sedan. Make sure you have enough space. You’ll be more comfortable with a special room instead of filling the limo to its maximum seating capacity. It’s best to hire a limo with more seats than you intend to fill. If you have four people in your party, opt for a six-person limo.

Check out the features you might want to include. There are loads of extras that you might want to include. For example, some limo has a TV, video or DVD player, audio system, in-car phone, sunroof or Jacuzzi. Verify that the limo will have fully functional seat belts as well as air conditioning or heating upon request. Select the type of car you are interested in. Ask if the color, size, and model of the car are guaranteed or not. 

Part 3 of 3: Riding a limo

Be prepared in case anything goes wrong. Ask who you should contact, especially if you have any complaints or concerns before, during or after the limo service. Write down the contact name, phone number, and email address. Take this information with you. It is important to look at the exact vehicle you will be riding in advance to make sure you agree to it. If the company refuses to do so, look for a different carrier. Ask if the car has been inspected regularly and whether it is certified as safe and functional. Write down the license plate of the vehicle you hire to make sure you get the right vehicle on the day of the event.

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