How Changing the Motor Oil in Time Will Extend your Car Lifespan

Every vehicle is composite of several mechanisms, while the engine plays the vital role in making them function. For this the engine compartment which is again a combination of several individual components that work in tune with each other. Most of these components are made of metals that can create lots of heat when there is a friction between each other. It is the role of the engine oil to build up a barrier between these parts so that they can move smoothly without generating frictional heat.

Volume Matters

The engine oil needs to be existent to a substantial amount, without which the purpose of it will not serve. With every vehicle model that gets released out of a factory shade comes an owner’s manual, where the manufacturer will mention, to how much level, the car engine oil must be filled, showed a staff who attended us at the Atascocita oil change section. He further added, that unless the engine oil is filled to the said level, you can’t have the optimum level of engine performance.

Purity is the Key

While the volume of the engine oil makes sure that it reaches all the corners of the engine compartment and protects each of the components from the friction with other co-components, the purity of the oil plays an equally important role for the same.

Unless the engine oil is pure and clean, it cannot have the smooth flow. Hence, once the engine oil gets contaminated, its capacity to reach the remotest corners of the engine compartment becomes affected. This results in a blockage in the entire engine system, as well all other related systems like the exhaust and emission. Therefore, without a clean and pure engine oil, none of these systems can work properly. All this will not only affect the current performance level of the said car but can also create a damage to one or many of the components because of undue friction.

On the other hand, changing the engine oil of your car at the said time, will prevent all these issues from taking place. Not only the components get to work smoothly, but even their conditions remain healthy as the corrosion is slowed down because of the clean and pure engine oil flowing everywhere.

This way the overall health of your car is maintained, and it helps the car run for longer period of time.

Taking Care of the Filters

Every car fluid is protected by a filter. The engine oil too has one. Once it is time to change the engine oil means it is also time to change the oil filter, explained the mechanic who performs oil change in Atascocita. So, when you take your car for an oil change, you automatically change the filters as well. That is itself one of the best ways to keep all the major car components clean and healthy. Finally, it is just by changing the engine oil in the scheduled time, that you get to prolong the lifespan of your car, he assured.

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