How often to take your bike for a service


When was the last time you took your motorbike in for a service? A few years back? Never? Servicing your bike is more important than you think, especially for finding faults early, saving you from costly bills or even accidents on the road. However, one of the most common questions we are asked is how often should you take your motorbike in for a service.

Motorcycle care

Owning a motorcycle might mean you can get around quickly and easily on a smaller budget, but these bikes still need care. If you haven’t noticed any wear and tear, you should still take your motorbike in for a service at least once every 6 months or every 4000 miles. Just because you can’t see that something is wrong it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an underlying issue. Motorcycle accessories UK parts can be changed and replaced where needed.

But what do you get when you take your motorcycle in for its service?

A full motorbike service will include the changing of oil, a new oil/air filter, new spark plugs and testing/replacing/topping up coolant as required. But that’s just on the engine. You’ll also get a road test, brake pistons degreased, wheel bearings checked, headlights checked, the chain adjusted/lubricated and much more. There’s so much that could go wrong with your bike that you may not even notice that it’s clearly better to be safe than sorry.

Do I have the option for a less intensive motorcycle service check though?

Of course! Most places offer “interim” checks which are less intensive but cover all the essentials to keep your bike in the most tip-top and most importantly, roadworthy shape. These interim checks are great for in between major service checks.

How much is a motorcycle service check?

Prices may vary dependent on where you are, whether the garage you take your bike to is part of a national chain, what the horsepower of your bike is among many other things.


Motorcycle services are one of the most important things you should consider when owning a motorbike. Both for the “health” of your bike as well as your own safety and the general publics. If you find issues early, it can even save you time and money on motorcycle accessories UK parts in the long run!

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