How To Take A Bold Walk On The Road In Your Hilux


Whenever the name of a popular 4×4 off-roader pickup truck is discussed, we can never leave behind the name ‘Toyota Hilux Revo’ in the Pakistani industry. This revolutionary pickup truck leaves a remarkable impression from where it passes by. The extraordinary design with remarkable stance and incredible versatility give The Toyota Hilux Revo a superior edge over its other competitors. The bulkier presence of this pickup truck on both on-road and off-road gives an astonishing impression in the streets.

Although the Toyota Hilux Revo possesses an overall incredible shape it can further be modified and made more fierce, powerful, and bulkier. For that purpose, we would like to recommend to you some products that can make your Hilux Revo stand out from the rest.

Toyota Hilux Lexus Style

Toyota Hilux Revo Lexus Style Front Bumper:

This can be considered one of the most prominent modifications for Toyota Hilux Revo. This huge Front Bumper mainly comprises of the signature Lexus Front Grille that reminds the greatness of the Lexus SUV on your Hilux Pickup Truck.

The main attraction of this Toyota Hilux Revo Lexus Style Front Bumper is the mesmerizing intake mesh of the front grille. This marvellous pattern takes the grille game to a whole new level. An alluring bar of chrome surrounds this grille, giving it a perfect wrapped-up shape and completing the visual package.
hilux revolution

Revolution Rear Tailgate Cover:

Talking about an incomplete modification process when you will only focus on the front and not on the back. In order to make your Hilux Revo different from the back as well, we present you the perplexing Revolution Rear tailgate to enhance the style of this 4×4 pickup truck. The tailgate cover consists of a charming chromed-out handler with a bold ‘REVOLUTION’ designation engraved beneath it. This looks way better than the factory-dispatched tailgate cover and gives the Hilux Revo an overall sportier look.

Toyota Hilux Revo Hamer Front Armoured Bumper:

Are you interested in upgrading and tuning your Toyota Hilux Revo off the charts and make it a king of the dirt, sand, and forest? If you successfully did it from the inside, you should also prefer to make it look worthy from the outside. That is why we would highly recommend you to go for the exclusive Toyota Hilux Revo Hamer Front Armoured Bumper for your offroad pickup truck. 

This marvellous piece of architecture provides stunning visuals along with extreme protection from various external environmental hazards. The aggressive looks stand as an exceptional piece of art that leaves a long-lasting impression on the ones who glance at it. Remarkable utilization along with extreme protection with tremendous shape makes this bumper an overall recommended choice for those who want to spend their time in different Rallies throughout Pakistan.

When concerning such aftermarket parts from a source, it is important to ensure its genuineness and authentication. Many of the suppliers out there provide unreliable modifications that greatly compromise the build quality of the product. That is why we recommend purchasing such aftermarket accessories from, the only online aftermarket parts marketplace that provide the best products at the best prices.

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