Reasons to invest in asphalt repairs in Sydney

Cracked and damaged areas in the Asphalt need immediate attention and repairs. Typical causes of failing areas can occur due to factors like – 

  • Pavement age
  • Poor design
  • Exposure to elements
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Traffic flow
  • The drainage system, etc.

Regardless of the causes, the need for quality asphalt repairs in Sydneyis critical. It increases the life of the pavement structure and reduces investment into subsequent repairs.

When and how to invest in pothole repairs?

Asphalt is a great solution for your driveway and traffic needs. However, pothole repair or overlay can be a great cosmetic solution, especially if you wish to tidy up a property before the sale. These repairs can be completed in a short time and at an affordable price.

Much before that, you need to ask the following questions – 

  • What is the present condition of your asphalt road?
  • What is the extent of damage to the existing asphalt pavement due to surrounding vegetation?
  • What is the extent of cracking and potholes on the pavement?
  • Does the area around the pavement require chemical treatment?
  • Is the existing drainage and water seepage management system sufficient?

Such resurfacing methods are a fast and cost-effective approach to managing your property for years to come.

Understanding the types of asphalt deterioration

Asphalt deteriorates slowly yet develops different cracks that can result in major damages in the future. Here are some of the common types of distress that happen to asphalt surfaces and necessitate an adequate asphalt repairplan- 

  • Shrinkage cracks

Shrinkage cracks are a common form of asphalt damage. It occurs due to constant exposure to exterior elements and oxidation. Sealcoating is an excellent technique to attain preventive maintenance of the same. Reapplication of the seal coating is recommended once in 2 years.

These cracks start as a thin hairline fracture but slowly expand to fill up with water and debris.

  • Stress cracks

As with any structure, the durability of the internal foundation can impact its sustainability. Without a proper foundation, the entire structure collapses, and this doesn’t occur at once. The process can be prolonged.

Stress cracks can occur when an unstable asphalt parking lot faces a lot of pressure and weight.

  • Linear cracks

Linear cracks are directly caused by a combination of an inadequate foundation and continuous pressure. The linear cracks run parallel to the centre after originating from the surface.

  • Reflection cracks

The crack originates from the existing cracks and damages. The joint reflection is a subtype of this. It is often caused by the expansion and contraction of a weak or damaged overlay.

  • Potholes

Potholes are an extension of cracks and depressions. These are dips and cracks that have been ignored for quite a long time. The more traffic on these roads can prove to be complicated. These may collect water and debris, which leads to erosion.

When ignored, these potholes look unprofessional and create a safety hazard. 

  • Shoving

Shoving is the occurrence of random ripples or corrugation in some parts of Asphalt. It is caused by a steady traffic flow, pressure on vehicles, and heavyweight on the parking lot.

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