Signs that it’s Time to Detail your Car

Ever sat in your car and almost got knocked out by a really bad odor in there? That’s one of the major red flags that you should get your car detailed as soon as possible. Having your car detailed may seem like an extra expense or a hassle you have to do monthly, but trust us, having your car maintained on a timely basis can save you thousands of dollars if your car goes unmaintained. Here are some major signs when you should detail your car.

  1. Detailing your car is a must if you are taking it out a lot. Sure, a standing car gathers dust over time but it gathers more dust when it is out on the road. If you are taking your car out a lot you should probably get your car detailed every month to say the least. If it’s every weekend, you should get it detailed every six months or so.
  2. If your paint feels rough and bumpy, it’s time you detail your car. The cause of this roughness is usually the debris and contaminants that get stuck on the paint. That’s something you can take care of yourself, right? Wrong, if you try to clean it yourself, you’ll cause swirl marks on the paint. Make sure you take your car to an expert for detailing.
  3. If your tires are beginning to fade or the rims are caked, that’s another sign you should immediately head over to get your car detailed. Your car’s wheels can significantly increase or decrease the car’s value. A detail would clean the wheels properly and protect the rims from getting further damaged using an oil-based wheel sealant. Over time, tires accumulate dust which can lower the performance of your car. You experience something along the lines of a falling fuel average.
  4. The last sign is the easiest to detect. As soon as you sit in the car and you see the interior mess, you can immediately evaluate whether you can fix it yourself or whether you need professional help. Cleaning the dirt on the floor is something you can do yourself but if part of the roof is swelling up or the paint is peeling off, you know this is something for the professionals to fix. 
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