The Classic and Unique Saab 900

Saab 900 is an award-winning mid-sized car introduced by Saab in 1978. The first generation went out for sale between 1978 and 1994, and the second generation went on between 1994 and 1998. Consumers Digest, USA ranked it the Best Buy in 1996 and American Automobile Association (AAA) ranked it as the top car in its Price Class in 1995. Built on Saab 99 chassis, it had a longer front end with 2 and 4 door sedan and 3 and 5 door hatchback versions. Having sold more than a million units, you have several reasons to purchase one now. Being the most popular Saab model ever built, you can also find a wealth of information online, such as free Saab 900 workshop manuals and forums for owners to discuss and trade their cars and parts.

Some of the most popular features of the Saab 900 are listed below:

Long-Lasting Durability: Saab is renowned for engineering cars that can last long, withstand harsh chilly winters, and perform well even on bumpy roads. They used thick steel to make their cars while keeping the safety in mind. The Saab 900 had an extremely strong structure that was built to meet US safety standards. The engines were long-lasting too. It was a totally re-engineered version that was meant to be more durable and reliable than its earlier versions.

Extreme Comfort: A great deal of innovative car ideas began with Saab. The dashboard was conveniently designed by function, and was easily accessible with fingertips. The seats were ergonomically designed, with excellent ventilation and heating features. The driving position was crafted around the driver, instead of cramming everything in a congested space. As compared to other classic cars you can find in the market, Saab 900 is surprisingly modern and comfortable. 

Great Driveability: Apart from great looks and extreme comfort, Saab 900 is an excellent vehicle to drive too. It has a clever suspension system that is able to provide accurate steering even at high speeds. It features a notchy gearbox that gave out extreme power. You feel ready to face the day even after driving it for several miles continuously. It may be a classic car, but a genuine car to take office every day.

High Practicality: As compared to modern cars models available these days, Saab 900 may be a little bit narrower, but it had an extra-long back and front that gave it a longer boot and nose. It also has a decent cabin space, though the elbow room may be a little congested. Although it’s not as snobby as a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, it is a classless model that gravitates customers towards it. Saab 900 owners made many people envious, because their car looked good, it ran quickly, it accommodated the entire family, and it was equipped with a lot of quirky, clever features that was not present in any car of that time. 

Clever Design: While other car manufacturers were loading their models with chrome trims and wood veneers, Saab was giving more attention to practicality and genuineness. It had some quirky features, but they were there for good enough reasons. For instance, it had a wrap-around windscreen which was there to give better vision to the driver. It also had a central key of ignition, so that it does not jab inside your body in case of an accident. You need to flick the car into reverse so that you can disengage the ignition key. This is because it prevents the key from rolling back to you. Instead of having door sills, the doors of Saab 900 wrap under your car, so that they do not pop up during an accident.

Remember, when you are purchasing Saab 900, you are choosing a classic that is not only entertaining but also unique. And currently, the cost is much less than other luxury cars available with comparable features. When it comes to repairs it’s also simple to find Saab repair manuals online and don’t forget to check out some enthusiast forums for discussion, owners clubs and buy / sell trading.

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