Understanding The Concept Of Breakdown Cover

The breakdown cover is a paid service, which ensures to provide help or assistance when your vehicle stalls. The breakdown cover applies to all kinds of vehicles, ranging from motorbikes to fleets or company cars. In short, a breakdown cover is something that gives you peace of mind and assurance that helps is within reach if something wrong happens.

Whether you are an occasional driver or a daily driver, having a breakdown cover for your vehicle is always advantageous and recommended. The two key benefits of having a breakdown cover are:

  1. You no longer have to be scared or stressed if your vehicle breaks down somewhere in a dangerous place. Having a breakdown cover in place gives you a sigh of relief when something bad happens, and you won’t be left abandoned.
  2. Besides peace of mind, having a breakdown cover already in place helps you save money during a vehicle breakdown.

Types Of Breakdown Cover:

The two types of breakdown cover are:

  • Personal Or Person Breakdown Cover.
  • Vehicle Breakdown Cover.

1. Personal Breakdown Cover:

The personal breakdown cover applies to the individual. The individual may use his/her vehicle, a friend’s vehicle, or someone else’s vehicle. Regardless of whose vehicle it is, the policy applies to the individual using it.

The personal breakdown cover suits well for those who use multiple vehicles and want to include children as passengers in other vehicles. A joint or family policy is also available and is usually a little more expensive than the vehicle breakdown cover. One such company that provides personal and family policies are Breakdown assist.

2. Vehicle Breakdown Cover:

Unlike the personal breakdown cover, the vehicle breakdown cover applies to the vehicle. The vehicle breakdown policy is economical and suits well for those who use a single car. The significant advantage is that the breakdown services provider will come to fix the vehicle in the absence of the vehicle owner.

Levels Of Breakdown Cover:

Breakdown policy is not one size fits all sort of thing. There are different levels of breakdown cover from which you can choose the one that suits you well. Most companies offer all levels of policies, and Breakdown assist is one of them.

The different levels of the breakdown cover are:

  • Roadside Assistance.
  • National Recovery.
  • Home Start.
  • Onward Travel.

Choose your breakdown cover wisely and enjoy the lucrative benefits offered.

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