What are the Key Features of Different Types of Window Tinting Films?

The window tinting films based on their brands come with various features such as pre-cut, rolled, various VLT levels and power of UV blocking, ease of application, durability, dispersion of heat, various colours etc. You need to determine the best and appropriate window tinting films based on their features and choosing the professionalism and experience of installing service provider such as Proshield to ensure maximum benefit from your window tinting.

The pre-cut films are cut in advance with accurate measurement to match precisely to the dimension of your windows. On the other hand, the rolled films are cut after taking the measurement of the windows or the glasses. The pre-cut films are generally expensive than DIY films and rolled films more appropriate if you wish to save money.

The shade created by the tinting measures how much light passes through the films and you can get various types of window tints producing a different level of shades and are rated based on the percentages of VLT or visible light transmission into the car. The tints which have lower VLT percentages are darker in comparison to the tints which have higher VLT percentages resulting in lighter or less dark.

Similarly, the UV blocking capability of each type of tints are different. For instance, the ceramic films can effectively block up to 99% of UV rays whereas the carbon films can block 40% of UV rays. On the other hand, the dyed and other types of tints block much lesser percentages of UV rays in, particular the, factory tints with 15% to 26% VLT blocking capacity. The factory tints are provided by the automobile manufacturers through a process called “deep dipping” which darkens the glasses and permanently tints the windows. The factory tints though can cool the interior but do not give you adequate privacy.

As far as ease of application of tints is concerned, it is important if you wish to tint your windows yourself. In this context, you must carefully choose films which are easier for tinting. You can do the tinting effectively if you have tinted earlier and if you are doing it for the first time either you consult tinting professional or do it very carefully.

Another important aspect of residential window tinting miami fl is the durability of tint which depends on the feature and brand of the tint. You should specifically ask for the durability of the tint you are going to apply on the windows of your car and make sure that you get the most durable tint for your purpose.


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