What To Do When You See That Your Car Is Not Starting?

A set of mechanic’s tools is not often kept in the trunk of a car. But if your automobile won’t start, don’t give up immediately away. When your car is not starting (รถสตาร์ทไม่ติด, which is the term in Thai), try one of these tips; none of them calls for the use of any equipment. If the car cranks but won’t start, you have nothing to lose by attempting them; they are listed by symptom. Of course, these won’t address the underlying issue, but one of them might at least get the car going so you can get it serviced at the local mechanic.

Facing issues in getting the best experience when your car is not starting, you must follow these steps and enjoy driving around.

Tap The Battery Connections A Little Bit

There is no way to clean corroded battery connections if you are without tools. You might try to jiggle or at least mildly rattle the terminals to increase the contact. Just ensure your battery is not dead because if it is dead, then it might be a big issue.

Attempt To Trick The Computer

A leak in the vacuum of the car and make you face the issue of your car not starting. If you’ve tried all the other suggestions below and the engine won’t start, press the accelerator halfway before trying again. That will give the computer the order to add more gasoline.

Work Out On The Transmission.

Turn the key to the “Run” position without turning on the radio, and wait two seconds for a buzzing sound to see whether you can swap relays. The injection system is now being primed by the gas pump. If the gasoline pump relay is broken or the pump is beyond repair, there won’t be any sound. You should first check your owner’s manual or the inscription on the fuse box cover behind the hood to see where the fuel pump relay is located.


Following these instructions will make you no trouble starting your car. Thanks to it, you may enjoy driving without having to worry about a broken car. These steps are really easy and do not cause a lot of issues. They will not take much time, and you can enjoy driving without issues.

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