Who is military auto transport for

Military transport is a service specializing in the transportation of military member’s vehicles to their new PCS location. It’s something would be necessary upon receiving a relocation order to a new base and is free of charge, covered by the US Military.

What does the US military cover

This type of service is related to the general service of military transport, providing a major relief for a relocation service man or woman of the US army. There are several conditions which need to be met in order for said individual to receive full compensation for the expenses of the transport of their vehicle.

The full extent and coverage of the service really depend on the specifics of their orders, however, a general overview will show that all expenses and the charges that a transport carrier company, or a brokerage firm such as would charge, are covered by the military.

The coverage includes the full charge of the service as provided by third parties, but also anything connected to the additional services a carrier would provide. Depending on the vehicle, the price of car transport, as well as the location and the time of the year, the charges may vary, however, upon providing the appropriate documentation, all money will be paid out directly from the administration, rather than the individual serviceman or woman.

Is there international military auto transport

According to the rules, if a serviceman is being station to a new PCS, which is out of continental US, they have the right and opportunity to have their auto transported. There are no limitations on the transport distance, however, the location of the transport must coincide with the PCS.

The transport will be carried out by a specialized service which provides full international support and access, which can be hard to find without the assistance of a carrier platform such as With their help, any US military personnel will be connected with a carrier capable of international auto transport.

Documentation and assistance

In order for any service member to receive a fee free transportation of their private vehicle, they must first provide the order which entitles them to said service. This order can be in the form of a scanned document, and it should be accompanied with additional documentation such as the order for their relocation and the number of the collection depot to which the vehicle will be transported.

For further details regarding the documentation, we suggest you check with your particular administrative office. The service is available to all administrative and currently service military members, however, there is also an extended curtsy towards dependants and veterans.

This means, that even if you are not currently serving, you are entitled to a free vehicle transport, however, the details of the documentation and circumstances may vary. You will need to consult the carrier and the brokerage firm for further details.

For a dependant of a military service person, the service provides a transport to the location of the military serviceman’s future PCS. All documents must be compliant with the regulation with US military administrative rule.

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