Why It Is Important To Get The Right Van Size While Renting

When people tend to rent a vehicle, they will often go for the cheapest offer available, because they don’t really want to spend too much while renting. Sometimes, only a slight bump in the price would get you a much better vehicle, which could definitely help you with the task ahead of you. Of course, not all sizes are ideal for all occasions, so we are going to highlight a couple of them for each van size.

Renting a smaller van

One of the most common mistakes that people make while renting, is to rent a van that is simply too small. That is because even if the smaller vans do seem like they have more space than your average car, which they do, the amount of extra space is actually not that big.

If you happen to van hire from Go With The Gecko or another trusted provider, you will pretty much always get a suggestion to hire a van that is at least of medium size, and that is not because they want you to pay more, but simply because they know that you will have a much easier time loading items into it.

Smaller vans are quite situational

Medium vans are the most common choice

When it comes to moving into a new studio, transporting some larger items, the medium-sized vans are definitely the most popular choice out there. They are the most cost efficient, and they are just big enough for pretty much anything besides moving all of the items that you own into a new home.

You can easily hire a medium van for an hour to quickly pick up your new bed from a local store or a third-party vendor instead of relying on a shipping service that is usually not only too expensive, but also very undependable when it comes to the set delivery time.

Big vans have some uses

While going for a big professional van hire Sydney from Go With The Gecko or a similar reputable company is not necessarily a bad thing, as big vans can transport quite a lot of items, there are often much better choices out there. From the same vehicle providers, you can often rent a moving truck instead, which will make things easier for you.

Moving trucks are often equipped with a ramp, that helps immensely when you are loading some bigger items into the vehicle. Not only that, but if you happen to be transporting multiple beds, the chances are quite slim that they would fit in a van of any size.

Sometimes renting a truck is a better idea

Final Word

Renting a vehicle is definitely a great choice if you are looking to save some money at the cost of just a little bit extra of your time. When you are renting a van, going for the medium size is often more than enough, but consulting with a provider is a good idea.

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