3 Ways To Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

Winter is approaching, and many states have already seen snow. There is still time to get your vehicle ready for the cold and icy roads. Here are three things you can do to prepare for driving in the winter.

Make Repairs

If your windshield has a crack or you have significant dents from the summer hail, now is the time to get these issues taken care of. Seek out hail storm repair Lakewood CO or have that window replaced. Issues that seem small now have the potential to get worse when factoring in snow and ice. It’s smarter to deal with the problems you’ve been avoiding than risk being caught off guard.

Check Your Tires

Has your mechanic been cautioning you for months about the state of your tires? Are you constantly having to bring your vehicle in to get the tires patched? It’s time to fork over the cash and get a new set going into winter. There will be times when you can’t avoid driving in inclement weather and having good tires will help keep your vehicle grip the road.

Stock Your Vehicle

Having an emergency car kit is always a good idea, but it’s especially vital in the winter. If the weather leaves you stranded somewhere, have a plan for how to contact help. Always let someone know where you’re going and keep a charger in your vehicle should your cell phone die. Keep a warm, insulated blanket or jacket in your emergency kit and stock up on hand warmers. Even if you don’t anticipate being stranded for long, packing a few bottles of water and some granola bars will help stave off hunger and contribute to keeping you warm. Of course, be sure to also have a snow shovel, ice scraper and a bag of sand for tire traction in the winter.

Preparing your vehicle for winter will lessen the chance of any nasty surprises. Take the above steps before the weather gets any worse this year.

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