When Should Someone Call an Emergency Locksmith?


People hear the name and immediately think that there must be some times when they shouldn’t call. It is, after all, called an emergency locksmith, right? That actually does send some people looking for a regular key replacement service, but the question remains: When should someone call an emergency locksmith?

You’ve been locked out of your car… and it’s still running! This is probably one of the ugliest scenarios that someone can think up, but it does happen to people. When this occurs, concentrate more on what to do about it then feeling guilty or pointing fingers. The car is running and something has to be done right away! An emergency locksmith can come in and take care of the situation quickly.

You lost your car keys. This happens all too often and to the most unsuspecting people. It was in your pocket when you got out of the car, but now it’s gone! Once all efforts have been made to locate the keys, and if there is no access to a spare set, then it’s time to call in an emergency locksmith!

When someone’s safety is at risk. This could mean that a pet or a baby is in the car or the house, and you need to get in right away. It could even be that one ends up locked out of the house with burners and a stove still on! This definitely qualifies as an emergency and getting someone in to open the door is an absolute priority.

The key is stuck in the ignition. This can happen with a lot of cars, especially now that they have safety features the can get a little buggy. Through a malfunction, a person can find that they can’t get their key out of the ignition. In this case, it’s best to call in an emergency locksmith to release the key. 

When you find yourself locked out of the house! Yes, usually there’s someone else in the house to let you back in, but that’s not always possible. Other members of the family could be at practice, school, or work. In these cases, where one might be locked out of the house for hours, then calling an emergency locksmith is perfectly okay.

You are getting divorced. In most cases, there’s plenty of time to get the locks changed, but not all divorces are the same. In some cases, a person may be coming for “their” things despite the fact that they really aren’t and they’re coming over right now! In these cases, one is trying to protect their property and the best thing to do is to call in an emergency locksmith to make sure that lawyers are called instead of the police!

Right after a burglary. A burglary means that the home has been compromised and it’s a good idea to get the locks changed right away, especially when the homeowners believe that a spare set of keys might have been taken.




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