5 Exterior Car Care Tips

Your car is undoubtedly one of your most prized properties; this means you will want to keep it in optimum condition. Maintaining your vehicle will start by taking care of the exterior. You will start observing wear and tear if your car is not well taken care of. Taking care of your automobile should be done regularly. Preserving the look and beauty of your vehicle should include Nanocoating (especially the use of Nano ceramic coating, polishing, color blend, front guard, washing the car regularly.


When you think about the exterior of your car, keeping it clean is probably the best thing to do. And, the first step to take in cleaning your car is washing it. Washing your vehicle enables you to remove debris that could be innocuous. There is no specific best time to wash a car, but it is best to clean it when it is not sunny. And this could either be early in the morning, or anytime during the day that you could stay do the job under a shade. After washing, dry the car with a microfiber drying towels or an ordinary clean towel.


Nano coating or ceramic coating is applying a surface (either solid or liquid) layer in your car. And this surface layer repels dirt, oil, and dry particles. This is an excellent treatment to give a vehicle, as it maintains the car paint and protects it from external elements that could pose harm to your car surface.


Car polishing is the process of using abrasive to remove a scratch from the car surface. Polishing is usually employed when the car paint has dimmed. It makes the surface of the car smooth and hides spots. With this, you maintain the beauty of your investment.

Paint Blending

Paint or color blending means applying a paint color to another by creating an even surface in the car. With paint blending, you can maintain the paint color on your vehicle, if there has been a scrape or serious scratch on it. A perfect blending work will leave your car color as good as new.

Front Guard

Using a front guard is a way of protecting your car (especially the headlights) from damage that could be incurred from possibly a brush, small trees, and bumping into other things. It can even protect in case of a severe crash.


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