5 reasons you need to armor your car

With increased violence on the roads, random terrorist attacks, and continued social injustice, our personal safety is always been concerned. The ever increasing violence around the globe is contributing to rising safety concerns, not only affecting famous and rich, but also for politicians, executives, company owners and heads of state.

For your own safety

While most people think that they no longer need armored cars, few others feel its importance.  Travelling alone or in group in unknown streets can be risky at times.  Moreover, if you hold a powerful position or have plans to visit risky places, armored vehicles are important to maintain and protect your personal safety throughout the journey. Armoring in Canada and few other regions has gained a lot of momentum in the automotive market lately, thanks to personal safety becoming the most concerned topic than ever before.  Most folks with luxury cars prefer bulletproof glass, as they always feel protected sitting inside the car, even though there is some violence happening in the outer world.

For protecting not just yourselves, but also your luxury car

After all, when you have spent so much money on car, why not think about protecting it too? The best thing about cars from Troy Armoring is that you need not worry about your vehicle getting damages very easily, until and unless someone really puts a hell lot of effort to tear it down.

Are you a public figure or heard of any high level threat?

If you are a political figure or a known personality, having armored cars will definitely increase your safety. Even though you don’t belong to these 2 categories, your work may force you to travel to some risky areas. Terrorism, drive-by-shootings, and kidnapping have been rapidly growing in past years. Gain a peace of mind and extra pair of security with an armored vehicle.

Have you come across lots of hazardous incidents in your locality?

If your region has been the prime slot of crimes lately, you may want to think about buying an armored vehicle. It not only gives extra safety to you alone, but also your family or friends, who have been travelling along with you. International armoring now can able to guard any type of vehicle, catering to customer’s budget and specific needs.

To address these threats across the world, Troy Armoring implements the best technologies in innovation, quality management and design field. Feel free to get in touch with them now. But if it’s strictly guns you need, you can buy AR-10 rifles as well as other guns, ammo, accessories, and tactical equipment at

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