Coolest Gadgets to Bring to the Next Decade

As 2019 is already a part of the past, the decade is also closed, it’s the right time to discuss a number of innovations in the 2010s. We have seen self-driving cars, reusable rockets, 4G networks, smartphones and the rise of social media platforms and now as the next decade is here, new innovations are entering the market. These gadgets are making our lives increasingly better and efficient. So here are 4 innovative gadgets that you will need to take into the next decade.

1.  The Eye-Lights Heads Up Display

Safety and efficiency are two of the most important things nowadays. If a gadget increases our safety and makes us more efficient, we are willing to use it. A head up car display (HUD) is a gadget that projects essential data onto the windshield of a car. By using this device, you can easily see the information that is usually displayed on the dashboard, in front of the driver. As a result, the driver has his/her attention on the road, which improves the reaction time in case of any critical accidents.

On the other hand, the HUD car device is also easily connected to the phone. This means that the driver can easily access phone calls, text messages, phone GPS and music through the EyeLights HUD, and control them with hand gestures thanks to the gesture control device add-on.

2.  The Smartech Barisieur Coffee and Tea Maker

You may be one of those strange mythical creatures that enjoys making up early in the morning shivering and half-asleep makes himself a coffee or tea. However, most of us normal people enjoy drinking the beverage but hate waking up early to actually make it.

Luckily for you, we present you the most fancy and technically advanced coffee and tea maker.

With the Smartech Barisieur coffee and tea maker, you can store your coffee and tea for the next week and the gadget will make you your beverage whenever you set the timer. It keeps the ingredients fresh for the whole time and improves your mornings greatly.

3.  The Skyroam Solis

During the past years, the Internet quickly became the biggest part of most of our lives. It is how we communicate with one another, it is our workplace and our own unlimited library of knowledge. We can’t imagine our lives without the Internet and not having stable connections is one of the most frustrating things that we experience.

Fortunately, portable wifi hotspots are there to save the day and the Skyroam Solis is one that can be used in over 130 countries worldwide and can easily fit into your pocket. The device provides you with 4G network and you’ll never experience the depressingly slow reality of airport, hotel or restaurant wifi networks.

4.  The Moleskine Plain Paper Tablet

Although most of us have switched to doing everything digitally, at times it’s not so convenient. For instance, if you want to take notes, a phone screen can be too small and having a large laptop with you at all times can be annoying. At the same time, rearranging and editing digital notes is less messy. So why don’t you enjoy the best of both worlds? The Moleskine Plain Paper Tablet will allow you to take notes on the paper, transferring it to your gadget and enabling you to make changes later on.`

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