The Key To A Safe And Secure Journey In Own Vehicle


When the persons who are driving are aware of the risks and threats they are going to face on road, they will be very careful when driving. This type of driving is termed defensive driving. In this type of driving the driver reduces the dangers that are associated while driving.

Some of the tips that are taught here are to look at the mirror always while they are driving. They have to look and anticipate the damage or the incident 15 seconds earlier such that they will have enough time to react and prevent that collision.

Few Tips for Safe Driving that may help

  1. Always be up to date with the traffic rules and the law that is there in the place they are staying.
  2. When the emotional state and the physical health of the driver are not good, it is not correct for them to drive the vehicle.
  3. When the vehicle is trailing behind other vehicles, it is recommended to maintain a three-second gap to prevent any collisions.
  4. The driver who is in front or behind this person should know the next move of the driver. They have to give signals ahead and let them know what their next move or turn is.
  5. It is not good to entertain mobile phones or it is not good to eat and drink while driving. These distractions will cause more loss according to defensive driving.
  6. It is better to change the lanes only if there is a necessity. There is no use in changing lanes and this will confuse the drivers following behind and might cause some issues.
  7. Never get on the road in a hurry. When the brain is in hurry to reach the destination fast, it will not think about any other possibilities.
  8. It is good and useful if the driver is fully accustomed to the weather and road conditions.

Skills required for the driver to drive consciously

Some skills help the drivers in learning defensive driving and some of them are given for quick reference here.

  • Whenever a person is driving, they should be very focused and think about the road condition, the speed at which he is driving, and where his vehicle is located or situated. He should be very attentive and observe the traffic signals, and road markings and check the mirrors for the cars around him.
  • They should not be overconfident and deviate from the task of driving. They should not eat or talk on the phone as they have experience in driving for ages.
  • When the driver is fully alert, they can focus more and think beforehand and even can stop the potential damage by slamming the brakes immediately.


It is better to drive slow in order to be a defensive driver. In any situation, the driver should be able to create an escape plan or route. When the route is risky or not safe, it is better to go for the safe one, even though that route is long and time-consuming.

To control the vehicle the driver should be at a reduced speed. If he is at high speed, even though he is talented, he cannot handle the problem that is in front of him.


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