Driving Tips to Manually Reduce the Number of Blind Spots

With the new aerodynamic designs, the latest cars are suffering from lower visibility, as the windows got smaller in size to acquire better safety and balance. This is a disadvantage not only for the occupants who feel claustrophobic, but also for the drivers for whom the number of blind spots increase. As for the safety aspect, the automotive engineers have come up with some technological solutions to nullify the blind spot zones, making them visible to the drivers with the help of cameras and display units. But not all cars moving on the road are equipped with these advanced technologies. And if you are driving a car that is not having any or all of these equipment, then here are some diving techniques shared by the driving coach of Mazda dealer Boerne that will help reduce the number of blind spots in your car.

UsingRearview Mirrors

Rearview mirrors are your best friends when you need to take a turn or park your vehicle. Making most of these valuable resource is still one of the best ways towards safe driving, if your car is not equipped with safety features like rear view cameras, blind spot monitors, and the like.  Moreover, making a habit to look at these mirrors often will reduce the risk of collision to a significant level, as it is a manual habit of safe driving, that can never fail.

Make sure to adjust the angle of the mirror according to your seating position and the road condition to enhance the rear visibility.

Look Before you Take a Turn

There can’t be any better alternative to the habit of looking before taking a turn with your vehicle, as that will ensure in real time, that there is nothing obstructing at the blind spots. It is an age old driving practice that can’t be replaced by automatic machines. Making sure to look around briefly before making any move with your car will eliminate the chance of any blind spot related issue enhancing the level of safety by all means.

Maintaining the Right Distance

Maintaining the right distance from the vehicles driving in front of you will allow you to see the road lying ahead. If there is a pothole, you can avoid it only when you are maintaining a good distance from the car that is ahead of you.

By keeping a reasonable distance from the vehicles in front will also save your car, in case, the car in front of you suddenly brakes, suggested an experienced test driver of the famous Mazda dealership Boerne.

Keep the Front and Rear Windshield Area Unobstructed

Safety is the utmost important factor, when you are driving. Though decorating your dashboard with fancy items is tempting, it can sometimes obstruct the visibility of the driver, as it can cover some part of the windshield area. This is applicable for both the frontal and rear windshields. By keeping these areas free from any visually obstructing items can really enhance the visibility of the driver, and this needs to be followed, even if your car is equipped with the most upgraded safety gadgets, as manual visibility can never be completely replaced by artificial ones.

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