Everything you need to know about Protek RS bags

The ProTek RC Starter Box Carrying Case is a straightforward yet innovative traveling bag that makes nitro pitting easier. Having an automobile heat up on the starting box, your gripping may be difficult for a pit guy; it typically involves uncomfortable holding, gases in your face, and the box rocked back and forth about each rev. Worst of all, you’ll require two hands to accomplish it correctly.

Easily pop in the starter box, place your nitro buggies or Truggy on top, and light it up with the Starter Box Carrying Bag! The two side straps didn’t mess with the tires, whereas the vehicle gets warm, allowing you to handle the bag and automobile with one hand. This frees up your second hand to hold the pit bag and saves you from making numerous trips to carry the necessities.


  • Strong, heavy-duty fabric material
  • Double grips will not obstruct the view of the wheels.
  • Pit activity that is secure and just requires one hand
  • There will be no emissions on your face.
  • Containers up to 5.5″ (14cm) width x 14.5″ (36.8cm) length are suitable.

ProTek RC Pit Caddy

One of the very important part of a good 1/8 scale racing program is ProTek RC Pit Caddy Setup. To hit the peak of the podium, you must spend endless hours training and prepare for a Race. With all of the time and work put in, the last thing you would like to discover when it’s time to start taking the position is that you will need a vital item left at your pits table. Having these vital goods close at hand for your pit crew can make the difference between winning the podium and going home early. ProTek RC believes that being prepared is essential to succeed, and a Pit Caddy is an item that will assist you in staying ready for everything.

Once it comes to quality equipment supported by exceptional customer service, ProTek RC has you prepared with the goods you have to maintain your rig racial group. So get yourself a ProTek RC pit caddy and have everything you need, need it, and when you need it.

A plastic inside the frame and additional Velcro surfaces hold the shelves on the sides and back, preventing the shelves from drooping and allowing the drawers to mount when drawn out or dragged into alignment.

To preserve the zippers during shipping, protective zipper tabs have been placed on the front cover, and a strong Velcro strap has been attached to the whole duration of the bottom part of the front cover to help maintain the shield closed.

Lastly in protek RC bag, the front visual shows the ProTek RC checkered flag, with a ProTek RC emblem on the back flap. The bag contains a place on top beneath a covered zipper for all of your tools, a spot on the rear for your setup boards, and storing pockets on the sides for your setup gear or other tools. There are three layers of drawers within the bag, with four divided pulls on the bottom (two on each side – by – side over each other) and one enormous drawer on top.

These are the more recent Hauler Bags with plastic interior boxes. Furthermore, it has a strong duty extendable grip and smooth trolley wheels, and it is quite easy to pull the bag all around the track. A carrying strap is also provided, which can be pushed out from the way to allow access to the tools in the top pocket or modified to allow for the simple holding of the bag.

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