Few Things to Consider While Choosing between Open or Enclosed car Transport

Based on your present situation as well as requirements, you must make your choice while shipping your cars to different country. Your choice preferences will surely depend upon your moving budget, and type of transport that you are really interested in.

To get your luxury car safely transported across different country will take more resources and time as compared to moving your car to any new home.

If this is your first movement, then transporting your car can be a big concern for you. There are two options that you need to choose between any enclosed auto transport and an open transport. You can get reliable service from Enclosed Carrier Car Transport, who can safely carry your car to your destination country.

We are going to make your decision easier by telling you the pros and cons of both the options, and depending upon your situation, you can choose your best option.

Pros and cons of open car transport

Here are few pros and cons of choosing open car transport option:


  1. Your car can be transported at much affordable cost.
  2. Plenty of transporters available in this mode of service and hence it is easier to get.
  3. More cars can be loaded into single transport and thus there can be saving in time for transportation.
  4. This mode of transportation suits all size and type of cars.
  5. Drivers can always check the condition of your car during the movement.


  1. Since it is open and hence your car will remain exposed to various weather conditions of different places from where the carrier will travel.
  2. Usually such trailers may not be quite well protected against all the dust, debris and may get kicked while transporting.
  3. Since your car being transported in open trailer and hence, they are not covered individually. Therefore, your vehicle is most likely to arrive in a very dirty condition and will need washing and good cleaning too.

Pros and cons of enclosed car transport

Here are few pros and cons of choosing enclosed car transport option:


  1. Your vehicles will be carefully loaded and properly secured.
  2. There will be little risk of any damage.
  3. It will remain well protected against various weather conditions.
  4. Your vehicle will remain fully secured and safe.
  5. All the fluids present in your car will always be in proper level as these trucks are having drip pans.
  6. Your vehicles will always be loaded in horizontal position and hence will remain always safe.
  7. Experienced drivers will carry your car.


  1. They can be quite expensive as compared to former option
  2. Only fewer service providers available for enclosed car transport and hence you need to wait longer.
  3. Only fewer cars can be carried in this option and as a result the service will be little delayed.
  4. Drivers will not be able to know the condition of your car while moving and hence he may not able to take proper care.

Now based on the above, you can exercise your own option.

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