How to Deal with the Check Engine Light Warning

The Check Engine Light can confuse a car user beyond measure, as it is still a combined warning message for many irregularities happening under the hood. A blinking Check Engine Light is a  clear indication of a crucial issue, while a still light is not so worrisome. So, if the “check engine” light appear on  your dashboard cluster you need to keep your calm and deal with the situation with diligence, suggested the specialized mechanics of the Liberty Lake check engine light department.

Common Indications

They explained that whenever a Check Engine Light comes on, it can be the indication of several issues, and the most common among them are the following:

Issues with the gas cap:

The most commonly found reason behind the “check engine” light is an issue with the gas cap which can either go loose or get damaged and henceforth consume more gas and emit more of it. In any of these cases, it will make turn the light on to indicate the issue.

To make sure if that is the case, pull your car aside, pop up the hood and check the gas cap. If you find it loose, tighten it up, and if you find it damaged or broke, replace it immediately.

DamagedOxygen Sensor:

When the precious metals of the oxygen sensor get affected, it reduces the ability of its mechanism to produce an accurate reading. In such case all you need to do is take the help of a specialized mechanic and get it replaced.

Dysfunctional Catalytic Converter:

When the catalytic converter of your car breaks down or get damaged, it will eventually stop your car engine from running.But before that extreme stage, your gas mileage will come down drastically while you’ll tend to forget what a smooth ride is. Your car will also miserably fail in the emissions test. But to diagnose the catalytic converter issues, you need to get technical help and can’t try it at home without certain equipment.

Faulty Spark Plugs or Wiring:

A spark plug is meant to act like a seal for the combustion chamber and is supposed to provide the gap for the ignition spark tocreate the necessary combustion in the engine. So, when a Spark plug gets damaged it will simply fail to initiate and complete the entire ignition process and start the engine. Same will be the effect, if the wiring connecting the Spark plug with the engine gets disconnected. So, it is the job of the mechanic to find out both of these parts and bring the car to a running condition after making sure that the check engine light is not staying back any longer.

The team of mechanics performing the Liberty Lake check engine light issues further demonstrated that when the Check Engine Light is on, they will start their diagnosis process by reading “fault codes” generated by the monitoring system of the vehicle. That will help them identify the nature of the problem and address them following respective methodologies.

Hence, apart from the gas cap, a car user can’t deal with the check engine light of his own and must take the car to a repair shop to prevent any further damage.

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