How To Detail The Interior Of An Old Car

Your car is an essential asset in terms of value and the love you have for your car. Most people consider their cars as feminine due to their care and attachment to their cars. Old vehicles usually require a professional touch to look newer.

  1. Make A Collection Of Detailing Tools and Materials

The art and crafting involved in cleaning and restoring the condition of your car is simple but needs proper tools and skills and some guidance to give your vehicle an exclusive touch. You need to compare the car detailing products in terms of strength, longevity, value, and the service you are likely to get from their customer service. You also need to compare car detailing products to choose the best product to give your vehicle good detailing like a professional. You will require protective coating, leather cleaner, screwdrivers, air freshener, conditioners, vacuum cleaner, water, and brushes

  1. Brush Out the Air Vents

A lot of dust accumulates in air vents since they are not easily reachable. An air blower alone may not do much; you need the best brushes for detailing to bring out the best results. After removing the easy-to-reach dust, use your long bristled quality brush and lightly apply polish to remove all the dust and give the vents an excellent polish. After every application, wipe the long bristles brush with a rag to remove the dust and the dirty polish. Give the air vents several shots of polish until it’s thoroughly clean and well-polished.

  1. Clean The Leather

If your car has leather upholstery, you need to do it the right way; otherwise, it will look messy. Leather upholstery on car sets is attractive and comfortable if well maintained. You need to know how to care for leather car seats since leather seats can degrade quickly if not well-maintained, bearing in mind leather upholstery is expensive. You need to brush off large particles from the leather seats and vacuum the leather seats to remove dust and other small particles. After vacuuming, you then need to apply a leather cleaner and use a soft brush to clean.

  1. Protect Your Car Interior Using A Protective Coating

You can protect your car’s interior from quickly getting stained by using a thin film protective coating. Choose a product with good water beading properties. For the seats, you can use a conditioner to protect the upholstery.

  1. Apply Ceramic Coating

In motor vehicle detailing, the ceramic coating remains the main factor in protecting your car from dirt, stains, and aesthetic beauty. An excellent ceramic coating such as The Last Coat should bond with your car’s paint to protect it and give it a shiny look. Nexgen Ceramic Spray uses Nano-technology to quickly form a thin impenetrable ceramic coat layer with maximum protection. You can apply the ceramic coating to your car’s glass, metal, and plastic materials and effectively handle the wear and tear.


Your car is valuable to you, and you need to give it the utmost care available. Proper care will add value to your vehicle and also make you feel comfortable when using the car. Compare the detailing products to end up with quality products which means a more satisfying result. Applying a quality ceramic spray will give your vehicle the protection it needs and make it look elegant. Give your car an excellent interior service for it to provide you with a better service.

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