Opening the Right Doors for the Best Bikes

Are you now looking for your first bike to start? After introducing you to the best Roadsters and Trails, We give you their opinion on the Roads and Neo-Rétros. Now a visit to will open your doors for the best bikes.


Did you pass the permit with dreams of long-distance road trips, perhaps even accompanied by a passenger? The road is a good bike to start, and it is probably for you. Offering protection and a superior amenity to the roadsters, these machines will take you far and with comfort.

Yamaha Tracer 700

Derived from the MT-07 that no longer presents, the Yamaha Tracer 700 takes the recipe of the big sisters MT-09 / Tracer 900, an identical engine, in a cycle part much more suited to large trips, with more comfort and maneuverability. On the other hand, the suspensions always remain a little behind. The Yamaha Tracer 700 remains an excellent alternative for those who have loved the character of the MT but looking for more road skills.

Looking for a player machine, explosive engine and weight content? You still want to chase the kilometers without (too much) suffering from the wind? The Yamaha is probably the machine for you! This is the bike to start you need. Keeping the block of her sister MT-07, she adds a half fairing and a protective bubble. This must be for travelers in a hurry.

BMW F 800 GT

Perhaps the bike to start the most “road” of this selection, the BMW F 800 GT is a machine dedicated to long trips. Easy to take in hand despite its size designed to bring passengers (passengers) and luggage, the BMW is rewarding thanks to a finish that is a credit to the brand. We appreciate the belt transmission and low consumption. However, as always at the German manufacturer, pay attention to the bill with the options. And note that the F 850 ​​GT should not be late.

Those who drive a lot know it … Chaining the kilometers imposes an absolute rigor in the maintenance of his kit chain. To put these maintenance issues aside, BMW has equipped its F 800 GT with a belt. In terms of look, the German flatters his driver with its generous proportions and its single-arm.

Kawasaki Ninja 650

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 succeeds the ER6F which unfortunately does not take all the comfort and versatility for a much more sporty approach. Evidenced by the name “Ninja”. The engine remains derived from the one that fitted the ER6. But the rest of the bike is completely different, and takes the base of the Z650, the fairing and more. It catches the eye of those who love sports brand, without completely sacrificing versatility.

As the expert points out, the Ninja 650 plays the card of style. It proudly displays its affiliation with the famous line of sportsmen of the same name. Everything is there, from the racing colors to the fairing which resumes the beak appeared on the last generation of ZX10R. Do not go wrong, the position remains soft and allows to consider beautiful steps without suffering, provided not to be passenger.

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