What Feature Makes GMC Superior to Chevrolet

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If you’re searching for a car to buy, then you must have researched about brands and come across the Chevrolet brand also fondly referred to as Chevy. The GMC brand is another brand that has carved out a name for itself and has become popular over the years. These two brands are both manufactured by General Market. The difference however is that while Chevrolet branded cars aim for the masses, GMC is designed for the Elite.

Despite its relative rarity, there are dealerships that supply GMC models like the GMC dealer in Baton Rouge. These brands have a lot of similarities because they have the same manufacturer, they deal in SUVs, trucks and crossovers. However, there are key features that the GMC has that makes it a superior model to Chevrolet and we would be checking them out below.

Performance Level

No matter the angle from which you try to consider this; GMC models will always take the crown. GMC trucks offer more acceleration than Chevrolet does. In terms of handling and braking, GMC performs better than the Chevrolet. The same goes for the truck that performs better when it comes to towing; GMC takes the crown. Their engines are built powerful to withstand difficult situations

Interior Designs

The quality of GMC interior far surpasses that of Chevrolet models, this could be seen in the Denali trims. GMC Sierra’s interior designs are classic and convenient. The car seats are very comfortable and when you factor in the easy-to-use infotainment system, you have a winner.


Safety is everything when buying a car. As much as you want a good-looking car, you want a car that is designed to keep you safe in any situation. GMC models are far superior to Chevrolet in this case; their cars are very safe. Although they both have similar technology when it comes to safety. GMC Canyon and Terrain offer first-rate driver assistance features and safety technology.

Towing Capacity

If you’re looking for a truck that you would be using for towing frequently, then GMC models edge out Chevrolet extensively. Their towing capacity is around 9,570 pounds at an average while Chevrolet is at 9,275 pounds. Their SUVs and trucks are built to withstand weight which is what people are looking for when they buy a truck.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, GMC is a superior model to Chevrolet in all the ways that matter. They offer great performance, cars with advanced safety measures integrated into them, classy and comfortable interior designs and a higher towing capacity. So if you were confused about which to go for amongst the two models, I think it’s pretty clear which brand is superior.

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