Who has to Pay if You Are in an Accident in a Commercial/Company Vehicle?

If you are given a company car, then you know it can be both a burden and a privilege. This is especially the case if you have an accident in the company car and are found at fault. Understanding who has to pay and why it is often difficult. You may also have the right to workers’ compensation Maitland FL if you suffered an injury. All this can be really confusing if you don’t have help from an attorney. Get to know more about the “players” in these situations and what steps you should take.

 The Insurance Company

If the company car you were driving is insured, the company that holds the policy will cover the cost of the damage. If there are uncovered damages or injuries, the responsible party must pay. Also, how the company car was being used when the accident occurred comes into play. For example, if they were “off the clock,” it may be the employee who has to pay.

Employer vs. Employee Responsibility

When discussing any accident damage or accident fault that involves workers and their employers, most lawyers and judges will use the principle of respondeat superior. What this means is that employers are typically responsible for the actions that employees take, as long as the employer was acting in the scope of their job.

When it comes to who is at fault for an accident that involves a company vehicle, there are more than a few factors to keep in mind. Don’t underestimate the benefits offered by knowing what to do after a company vehicle-related accident. An attorney will help ensure the desired results are achieved and that the auto accident situation is handled in the best way possible for their client, regardless of what may have happened or who is determined to be at fault.


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