Why car pawn loan in Atlanta is the right option to you?

The pawn of cars is one of the recurring ways to get immediate money. There is no other simpler, shorter and safer way to get an Atlanta Title Loan. At CHAPES-JPL, as experts in Car Pawn in Atlanta, we know perfectly the needs of the service customers. Moreover, we know that they prefer Vehicle Pawn to other loans. Do you know why? 


The only thing you need to be able to benefit from CHAPES-JPL’s car commitment is to have a car less than ten years old with the documentation in order. The vehicle that you deliver will function as the sole guarantee, without you being obliged to put other properties at risk.


Another benefit of Vehicle Pawn is that although the vehicle acts as collateral, you can count on it freely. This means that it will not be necessary to give your vehicle once it has been valued, but you can drive it regardless of whether it is pawned. It is something that does not happen, to serve as an example, in a usual pawnshop.


As we have already mentioned, Vehicle Pawn is the immediate type of loan. Well, if you decide to pawn your vehicle with CHAPES-JPL, you will have the money in a minimum time from the moment we value your vehicle. The collection of data, the appraisal of the vehicle and the delivery of the money will always be managed in the shortest possible time.

Pawn classes

We have two ways to make the pawn, in some places the loan is only possible if we leave the car in the custody of the pawnshop until the loan is paid off, a disadvantage of this option is that you will not be able to use the car until you pay off the debt. Another way is the pawnshops where you will be able to have the vehicle in your possession, being able to help you get the money so you can pay the loan more quickly. 


It is an important part, because it is when they will tell you the maximum amount of money that they will be able to lend you in exchange for the car. Here several factors count, case of the car model, the estimated value and the existing conditions of the same.

Request for documentation

In case you agree with the amount that they are going to lend you, what the house in question does is ask you for a series of basic documents such as the vehicle invoice and other information with which you can review, analyze and approve the loan. This is one of the advantages of pawnshops since the documentation is quite accessible.


If everything is in order, the loan must be made, which for security reasons must be deposited in the client’s account, although there are places where they usually give cash or checks. If you want to know more details about the CHAPES-JPL vehicle pawn service in Atlanta, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. You will receive the best advice.

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