Benefits Of Dynamically Weighing And Balancing Moving Trains

Rail weighing systems are an essential component of all rail operations. No matter if it is static or dynamic weighing, just like truck scales,railway scales play a crucial role within the rail logistics sector.

From balancing bogies (rail trucks), metro passenger trains to weighing wagons at mine loadouts,dynamic rail scales and balancing systems without doubt, make the processmore efficient.

Even if the train is in motion, there are special weigh in motion scalesdevelopedand manufactured by Trakblaze that are able to monitor individual wagon payloads, to ensure that specific wagons and or trains are complying with government and or rail manufacturer weight regulations; all whilst the train remains moving.

This not only protects valuable rail infrastructure from overloaded rail vehicles but more importantly it becomes a protective measurement in safeguarding the welfare of rail personnel, through effective real-time weigh in motion monitoring.

Identification of overload

The principal purpose in installing a dynamic weighing system is to optimize loading procedures. Overloading a wagon can cause severe issuesfrom damaging loaded materials,wagons, bogies, and ultimately the rail infrastructure.

As a rail operator, the damage can be costly to your business ona variety of levels, including an overall increase in the cost of your fuel,an increase in maintenance requirements and even financial penaltiesfrom government / rail regulators.

Unlike traditional scoop / bucket ‘guessing’ procedures, dynamic weighing provides the operator with the opportunity to regulate the filling so that wagons are always optimized as the dynamic rail weighing software will instantly identify overloaded or underloadedwagons.

Saves Cost

It is without any doubt, effective payload management saves you a substantial amount of money, and conversely poor payload practices will lessen your business profits through increased production costs. So, there is no point in arguing whether a weighbridge is cost-effective or not. Installation costs are not asextraordinary as you thinkin comparison to the immense increases in production efficiencies and long term decreases in running costs.

An accurate rail weighbridge willultimately save your business a significantamount in costs, however you have to ensure that the weighing system is from a well-known reputable weighbridge manufacturer such as Trakblaze, who have over 88 years of industry innovation experience, manufacturing only quality built and industry proven weighing systems.

Increase Productivity

Thanks to sustained software development by Trakblaze and modern technology, you can nowchoose a weigh-in-motion system thatintegrates with your working environment whilst accurately weigh your rail vehicles in motion between 0.1km/h -80km/h  (0.06mph – 50mph).

Trakblaze offers the INFINITY LS (Low-Speed) weighbridge system, that can weigh a rail vehicle in motion up to 15kph,or the INFINITY HS (High Speed) weighing system thatis capable of weighing a rail vehicle at the speed of 80kph.

The INFINITY weighbridge systems from Trakblaze also include control cabinetaccessoriesand PC train weighing software. It automatically records all the weighing information, and you can view the information from any location using the internet. You can then use that data for further analysis and find out how the work can be carried out more efficiently to minimize cost and improve productivity.

Say goodbye to unnecessary delays from static weighing procedures when you can keep your rail assets moving, and the weighing will be done in seconds.

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