List of tools that every bike rider should carry

Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road while waiting for a tow, whether they choose to ride their bike through the winter weather or leave it in storage. In the market, the new launch of Aprilia storm 125 has a good demand. Furthermore, while regular maintenance undoubtedly helps, it can’t always stop things from happening, like having a nail in your tyre. It is wise to include an emergency tool pack on your motorcycle journeys because of this, just like with cars. Furthermore, creating your own doesn’t need much effort. Have the tools highlighted here in your toolbag and use them whenever required:

Fasteners specification

Two main fastener standards will be used to build your motorcycle. Metric or SAE are available (Society of Automotive Engineers). When working on your vehicle, it will always be helpful to have a range of fastener sizes. Note that both kinds of fasteners may be present on old motorbikes and bicycles with aftermarket equipment. Additionally, keep a set of screwdrivers which are an essential tool.

Hex keys

Choose whether or not your motorcycle requires Torx keys not all of them do. Torx fasteners are the ones with a depression in the shape of a star. Get a set of Allen keys because they are useful for many tasks, especially if you drive a certain brand of bike. The majority of current motorcycles, purchase in metric (mm) dimensions. Customize this to fit your motorcycle similarly to spanners.

Adjustable wrench

Don’t buy any bike without comparing its price two-three times. Control your excitement and enquire about prices. Surely, the Aprilia bike price will surprise you. Look for small enough adjustable wrenches that will also fit the fasteners on your bike. The correct sizes of those sockets, a tiny socket wrench, and maybe an extender should be carried when riding a motorcycle because some bolts may only be accessed by sockets.

Tyre compressor or inflator

The gauge will help you to know about the tyre pressure level on your bike. What’s next? The cheapest choice is to get a tyre inflator that delivers sufficient pressure to fully inflate your tyres. A compressor that can power air tools and motorbike lifts in addition to inflating tyres is a more expensive, but more practical and long-lasting, alternative. A compressor and a basic set of air tools are frequently on sale.

Catch pan for oil

Make sure the oil catch pan you choose can fit underneath the motorcycle where the drain plug and filter are. To remove the drain plug or filter without difficulty, you ought to be able to slip your gloved hand in between the motorcycle and the oil catch pan. The catch pan should have a holding capacity greater than the amount of oil your motorcycle can hold. Additionally, take into account how you will store wasted oil until you can properly recycle it, certain oil capture pans also double as storage containers.

Parting words: 

When you are familiar with your bike, you will discover what kinds of instruments are necessary to perform the majority of maintenance. Include the tools listed above in that and drive your Aprilia storm 125 without any worries.


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