Why Experts Recommend Used 2019 BMW 2 Series to New Car Buyers?

Owning a BMW model is seen to be one of the most commonly found dreams that stay unfulfilled for many, since not all can afford this premium luxury car.  But this picture can be altered if you consider buying a used version of it, suggests a used car sales expert who is associated with the used bmw brooklyn ny dealership.  When asked he gave the example of the 2019 BMW 2 series model and said, it will make a great choice, provided all the used car buying protocols are followed under strict supervision.

The 2019 2-Series from the BMW house sets an example of how an ideal sports coupe or convertible should be like. Right from its stunning looks to its splendid performance, the 2019 BMW 2 series had already ushered in a bunch of newly invented technology features, that are now being followed by many luxury cars, after a couple of years. So, when you get the opportunity to buy a used version of the 2019 BMW 2 series car, you should consider buying it off, if the deal is suitable for you, suggested the team of sales experts.

Overall Impression

The 2019 BMW 2 series models came in small sized coupe or convertibles that had no intention to run errands or transport a big family to their favorite destinations. So, no doubt, this model can be recommended only for those who are longing to experience the moments behind the wheels of a luxury sports car, look good, as they drive, and feel the butterflies in their stomach, when the car picks up its top speed on an empty highway.

The 2019 BMW 2 series does offer all this without fail, since it has got some good power supplier working under the hoods of its different trim levels, while it serves mostly as the platform for those who want to hone their driving skills on the tracks, before they gather their courage to drive race cars.

Power Makers

If you drive home a used version of the 2019 BMW 2 series model, it won’t let you know the difference unless it is too badly handled by its previous owners. Under the hood you can either get a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine that makes 248 horsepower or a turbo-6 motor that will offer a thrilling drive experience behind the wheels with its 335 hp.

However, both the engines will appear in many other BMW models even in the current year models, but when working under the hoods of the 2-Series models they will be less burdened by vehicles curb weight. The 2019 BMW 2 series will be available either in 230i or in M240i trim, which can be equipped with rear- wheel drive by default. But you can also get a used model configured as all-wheel-drive. Look for the 6-speed manual transmission if you are a drive freak, or go for the 8-speed automatic of the standard equipment looks just fine. The 2019 BMW 2 series will also be a safer car to drive since it was installed with the most advanced drive assist features like automatic emergency braking, and bind-spot monitor as standard, confirmed the BMW dealer Arroyo Grande.

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