Best Practices for Scrap Car Removal in Brampton: know the Top Dos and Don’ts

A large percentage of Canada’s end-of-life vehicle (ELVs) originates from Ontario, the home province of Canada’s ninth-largest city, Brampton. It’s, therefore, safe to say that car scrapping is prevalent in Ontario cities, including Brampton. If you are considering scrapping your vehicle in Brampton, it’s wise to know the best practices for the process. This helps you to get the best price for your junk, to be on the safe side of the law, and to avoid frustrations. 

Here are the top Dos and Don’ts for scrap car removal in Brampton


  1. Find A Well-Reputed Scrap Car Dealer

A critical thing to do when scrapping your car is working with a reliable and well-reputed scrap car removal company. The dealer should be registered and licensed by the appropriate province and federal agencies. Moreover, only authorized treatment facility (ATP) is allowed to provide certificates of destruction to junk car sellers.

  1. Notify The Car And Driver Registering And Licensing Department

When scrapping your vehicle, it’s statutory to legally transfer the ownership of the vehicle to the scrap car dealer. For Canada’s vehicle and driver registration and licensing department to effect the ownership transfer, it’s a requirement for you to submit section 9 of your logbook. Before submission, be sure that you and the scrap car dealer sign the document. Ownership transfer strips you of the responsibility for the vehicle and any future liabilities that may be associated with it. 

  1. Have The Necessary Documents With You

Documentation is critical for legal and proper scrap car removal in Brampton. First, locate your V5C (logbook). It contains section 9, whose function has been described earlier. Once you remove section 9, you should hand over the remainder of the V5C to the ATP. If you can’t find your logbook, notify the responsible federal department through writing. Note that some ATPs don’t collect junk cars without a V5C form since it acts as proof of car ownership. Besides, ensure you have proof of your home’s address and at least one photo ID.

  1. Claim Tax And Insurance Refunds

Before a scrap car removal company collects your junk vehicle, claim any full months of unused road tax. You should receive your tax refund within six months. Besides, contact your car insurer to ask for a refund.  Alternatively, you can get the insurer to credit the refund to the insurance policy of your new vehicle.


  1. Giving Away Your Car

A dealer may tell you that your junk car is worthless and even go further to offer to tow it away for free.  Why would they take a useless junk? Keep away from dealers who act like they are doing you a favor. Never give away your scrap car; it’s still worth something.

  1. Removing Some Parts

Stripping some parts of your car reduces the scrap weight and value. A junk car without some parts attracts disappointing prices. Besides, getting a market for the parts you remove is not guaranteed.

  1. Accepting Cash Payment

Be wary of any car junk removal company that pays in cash in Brampton. Although quick payment is recommendable, cash payment may yield troubles in the future. It’s impossible to trace a cash payment, and this becomes a significant issue when the dealer is on the federal radar for wrongdoing. Accept a check or bank transfer.

Brampton residents need to keep in mind the above best practices for car scrapping. Implement them to score high value for your junk car and keep away from trouble.


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